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It's been almost a year since I've updated this Portal.  I'm kinda carried away with tons and tons of school works and my other website.  Anyway, not much is up.  There are no more articles... nothing's been going on lately.  I'll try to update Fushigi Yuugi Loveline for you.  Only... I am not so "INTO" Fushigi Yuugi Now.  There are many anime out there.  Don't limit yourself to one.  You're being deprived of your right of being an otaku.  Reach out beyond your home tv.  

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GENERAL STUFFS: (anime articles)


The Anime World  

This is based on my observations so far.  These are ranks

that  you could find out if how far you are of being an Otaku.


Anime vs. Pandimensions     

You could learn more about pandimensions in here!



The Greatest & Worst Things 'bout Anime



Anime Look-Alikes

Think no more... here's a quick gaze of the top 7 anime twins of the society.


ANIME HAVEN: (anime reviews in the phils.)



  Click for the animé reviews shown in the Philippines.  If you want to make a review yourself, please do e-mail me.  You'll be properly acknowledged.  Over 50 animes are IN! Check them yourself!

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(home-made sites)


Fushigi Yuugi Loveline (Mysterious Play)   

This is a totally different Fushigi Yugi Website compared to the usual "gen info, char. info..." This time, it focuses on opinions and controversies-


Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)    

Only pics are up so far.



(your cool Filipino anime websites)


This is a " Lover's Animatoon Club", contains different kinds of anime clubs.



A fellow, AGV member of mine.  Here's the fanarts made only by ZENA. Kawai


This space is reserved for YOUR anime website. Simply e-mail me the URL & name of your website with the subject:  "Anime Hits the Philippines."  Once approved, your site would be posted here in this spot. 


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"Rendezvous" A Fushigi Yuugi and Sailormoon Rendezvous CrossoveR


I guarantee you the essence of this fanfic is different from the others.  Although another series, like, a fanfic series, but it's sure worth reading.  Few chapters are up.  I'm not yet sure if I want to continue it since I only depends on the readers.  So, what now? Try to read them, if you like it, please tell me, and I'm sure I'll finish these things till the end. ^_^x





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